Although all modern funerals are essentially the same, there still are some tweaks to every funeral service being held in a particular country. Standard wakes, burials, memorial services, and cremations are usually available in most countries, so the difference lies in how long it takes and what practices are observed. Such practices are deeply-rooted in both culture and tradition.

funeralIn China, for instance, all family members must wear white. Food served during the wake should be sweet so that only pleasant things will be brought over by the dead as he crosses over to the ‘other side of life.’

Cardboard representations of earthly possessions like mansions, luxury cars, as well as appliances and gadgets are also within the memorial service area, and these will all be burned so that the deceased family member will have something to use in the afterlife.

The Chinese also burn ‘paper money’ for their deceased to spend. And when attending a wake of a Chinese person, the attendee should not bother saying goodbye to the bereaved because it is believed to be bad luck.

In Muslim Countries, the dead should be buried or cremated within twenty four hours in a white burial shroud.

In Ghana, the deceased is put in a coffin that signifies whatever he dreams about or is interested in. For instance a driver will be buried in a car-shaped coffin.

In India, the deceased is usually cremated in the same day he died. This is because the Indians believe that the soul shall be resurrected in another form and so, there’s no need to preserve the physical body. The ashes will then be scattered in a river or any other place requested prior to death.

In Japan, true to its reputation of being one of the most modernized countries in the world, some of the most expensive graves come with touch screens showing details of the life of the deceased person. Some also come with a business card holder to contain the names of the people who paid respects. Japanese corpses are usually cremated, with the ashes displayed in the altar of a family home for 35 days. Incense sticks will be lit throughout this period.

In France, on the other hand, walking funeral processions are still rather common. The French views this as an act of togetherness, condoling with the family of the deceased. If the death was caused by murder or killing, or the deceased is too young, then handshaking is discouraged.

In England, a horse-drawn hearse can still be seen during funeral processions, with the family members walking the last few yards. Well-meaning gentlemen who come across the cortege take off their hats in deference to the deceased – a practice that has existed for centuries.

In the United States, the “green funeral” is starting to gain popularity. Some families choose not to have their dead beamed with harsh chemicals, or would have their dead buried in organic coffins or bamboo wraps, or even banana branches that are processed in an environment-friendly way.

These will decompose along with the body and return to the Earth without any harmful chemicals. This eco-friendly burial trend is also very meticulous even in the gravesite because it’s vital to ensure that all materials to be used are environment friendly. There are those who actually dig the gravesite by hand, for lesser carbon footprint. Unsurprisingly, more and more memorial parks in the United States are allowing green burials.

All in all, while death is often associated with grief, these practices make it clear that one’s trip to the afterlife could also be synonymous with uniqueness.

Pregnancy is a time when a woman’s body starts creating its own mechanisms for the survival not just of the developing fetus but also of the mother. These mechanisms for survival come in the form of rapidly-multiplying hormones that each plays a different role in embryonic and fetal development, as well as in preparing the mother’s body for the impending birth. The most notable among these hormones is the human chorionic gonadotropin.

The HCG hormone starts to develop in a woman’s body during puberty and stays there until menopause. It plays a role in the production of eggs in the ovaries, and it helps make sure that fertilized eggs reach the fallopian tube safely to await a sperm. Once the egg and the sperm meet up, the HCG starts its rapid multiplication process. More and more HCG are released into the bloodstream while the placenta is still in the process of being formed. The HCG ensures that the developing embryo obtains all the necessary nutrients until it is safely inside the umbilical sac and starts receiving sustenance directly from the mother through the umbilical cord, more details are given at 1hcgdrops.

But the usefulness of the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone actually does not begin and end in pregnancy. It also plays a big role in weight loss through the process that is known as the HCG diet.

This diet involves the following:

1hcgdrops1. Undergoing daily injections of the HCG hormone. The dosage for the injections is dependent on the individual’s needs based on various factors such as the age and gender.

2. Limiting the daily intake of calories. The amount of daily allowable calories can be anywhere within the range of 500 to 1500 calories a day. Again, this depends on the individual’s needs, especially on the average amount of weight that she has to lose daily.

The human chorionic gonadotropin hormone is popular among people who want to lose weight fast because of the following benefits:

It helps to reduce the hunger pangs. This is especially important for people who are chronic eaters and are used to having more than 3 heavy meals each day.

It helps to limit the negative effects of rapid weight loss on the muscles. This means that dieters wouldn’t have to worry about muscle atrophy or losing their muscle strength while they are in the process of losing their excess body weight. This is good news for people who are trying to lose weight in preparation for further muscle-building exercises because it means that they wouldn’t have a lot of difficulty in trying to build back their wasted muscles.

HCG helps to keep the negative effects of hormonal imbalance at bay. For many dieters, hormonal imbalance can be a pain because it often causes a lot of unsightly side effects such as a pimple breakout and premature balding.

A lot of people who have already tried the HCG diet have reported positive outcomes, some of whom attest to losing at least one pound every day.

However, it is necessary to note that the HCG diet has only been proven effective when the hormone is injected. That is because a direct injection is the only way to get the hormone into the bloodstream for people who are not gestating. This means that taking drop pills that supposedly contain a high dosage of HCG hormones would not work because the hormone would only be eliminated as a toxin once it reaches the digestive system. This is why it is best to consult a legitimate HCG diet practitioner if you are interested in the HCG diet for weight loss. It would also be best to have the right dosage prescribed by the practitioner and to make sure that the daily injections are properly supervised.

Before anyone buys a property, a Garden City NY real estate property in this case, you need to go down and see it first. If you decide to buy it because it looks pretty in the pictures you’ve seen online or from the brochure your broker has shown you, then you wouldn’t really know the little details it comes with. It might need repairs that you’ll be paying for before anyone can live in it.

To avoid making a mistake in buying certain real estate properties, here are some things you need to take note of when you come down to visit them.

When you go to Garden City, New York to check on the house you are interested in purchasing, have a real estate agent or broker give you a tour of it first. You can look into every room in the house this way. You can even see how its backyard is and its front yard, too.

li-realestatefinderIf you find that the house has parts or rooms that need to be fixed, you can ask the broker about this. He might even give you an estimate on the repairs. It is important to see the property itself before you buy it because you can see firsthand if there are parts that need to get repaired or you can move into it immediately without having any section repaired.

The next thing to take note of is the location of the Garden City NY real estate property you’ve set your sights on. Even when it is in a peaceful suburb which is about half an hour’s drive from Manhattan, New York, you can never be too sure with whether or not everything you need is accessible.

Before you put your money down on the property you would like to buy and own, look at the nearest facilities and establishments in that neighborhood first. Is it close to the schools? Is there a hospital and a convenience store nearby? How about a drug store? These places should be nearby so you can send your kids to school safely while living there. The nearest hospital will come in handy if there are emergencies that happen in your household that need the help of doctors, nurses, and more.

If the property is close to all those places then you can call it an ideal place to live in. You’ll definitely have everything you need should you decide to move there in the future.

No one really wants to spend so much on a property that is in shambles or one that requires a lot of fixing. The repairs will likely be more expensive than the house and it’s not a good deal at all. Before you decide to pay the down payment for the Garden City NY real estate property your broker showed you photos of, you should see it personally and examine it closely first.

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Custom military coins leave the impression of being more valuable than other coins. According to hardcore military coin fans, these coins are much better compared to those available for civilians.

Due to their value, novice buyers don’t think that saving money is a thing of the past in ordering these pieces. Nevertheless, coin makers offer free services that economize clients’ transactions.

Free quote

Custom Military CoinsObtaining quotes can make or break a business deal for every company in general. Consumers believe that asking for quotations is equivalent to having the obligation to order from the same service provider, something buyers don’t want to do. They want to explore other options to ensure savings and premium coin quality. Fortunately, several coin sellers offer free quotes that gain buyers’ confidence in their services. With free quotes, consumers will not worry that they must spend money during the estimation process and even force themselves to buy from a coin maker without seeing all their options.

Free standard coin options

Standard coin options mean specific coin characteristics a buyer can obtain without additional payment. Buyers who are not strict in coin details can save money by going with these options.

Common standard detailing included in custom military coins are polished finishes and standard diamond cut edges. Polished finishes won’t cost additional money because the polishing process is easier than aging a metal, like in cases of antique-looking military coins. Special materials and conducting aging procedures are required to guarantee the coins will look old and attain its value, ultimately leading to additional expenses.

Diamond cut edges refer to the design around the coin’s edge. Standard cut looks plain and something seen on regular coins. Other cuts like rope cut and cross cut edges are more elaborate. Just like aging coins, these cut edges require dexterity, additional tools, and longer processing duration.

Free shape customization

Hearing the term coin often brings a round, flat object in mind. However, custom coins’ shapes are not limited to round shapes. Service providers understand that buyers have different specific coin preferences they want to obtain. Special shapes include polygons, squares and dog tags. Coming up with other shapes incurs extra charges considering the processes to accomplish to do so. Nonetheless, several coin makers understand the importance of promoting unique designs among clients, leading them to offering this option at no cost.

Free design and revision

What makes custom military coins unique is that they have more elaborate and refined designs than regular coin collections. Furthermore, expert graphics designers allow clients to send their own designs to come up with the appeal they want to achieve.

For those without a design in mind, coin makers offer free design services as a way to help buyers to save money. As experts, they will create the design according the clients’ requirements. Graphic designers offer free revisions if clients are unsatisfied with the first proof. They will not charge extra fees regardless of how many revisions a client may require. Professional artists will continue working on the designs until clients are satisfied.

Free shipping

The amount spent on special custom military coins can be high depending on the number of orders. Nevertheless, companies offer free shipping for certain areas. United States-based companies may have free shipping within continental USA. Some service providers may offer international shipping for a price, but may be free for extremely large orders.

Overall, buying custom military coins doesn’t mean spending a fortune to get them. These services make it possible for people to save money and order coins with confidence. Offering these services is also a way to gain more clients who will spread the word about their unparalleled services and world-class coin quality.

One of the most exciting parts of playing golf is the moment when the player is about to putt. When you watch them do it, it seems effortless and easy. The truth is it’s not as simple as aim, swing, hit, and putt. It actually requires a lot of skill. Putting needs both physical and mental execution. Because of this, beginners feel most frustrated when they are in the putting green. For starters, let’s first learn more about the golf putters and then some basic putting techniques next.

Let’s first take a look at some of the elements of a putter. Knowing a few details would help you choose what to use when putting.


golf puttersFind the right putter length for you based on your height and arm length. To do this, simply get a standard putter, get into your playing position, with hands placed under your shoulders while bending your shoulders and touching your rib cage. Your hips must also be over your heels. If your grip is on the shaft, then you need a shorter putter.

You can take note of the 3 variations of golf putters. The Conventional Putter ranges from 33-35 inches long. The long putter has extra-long handle and measures 48-52 inches. The belly putter is usually 41-44 inches long.


The length of the putter and its weight is related to the swing or to your putting stroke. When your putter weighs heavy, then it’s used for slow stroke; this, however, may cause the ball to fall short from the hole. Light putters allow fast stroke, but the tendency is to overshoot. The weight also depends on the material that was used on the putter head. “Dumb” putters are light and made of durable plastic, zinc or aluminum. “Smart” putters are a bit heavy and made of stainless steel, titanium or brass. The weight also depends on the head of your Golf putters.

Blade head

This is the most traditional type and is lighter and smaller.


This is heavier and larger with a bigger sweet spot.

Next, let’s have some basic pointers on putting techniques. You need to have a basic routine, and continue to practice with it. Let’s try the following 5 steps:


You have to slow down your heart rate, make deep breaths, relax your nerves, and maintain a still and relaxed body. “Yips” refer to unrelaxed putting nerves resulting to poor putting.


Make sure to have the correct and proper stance. You can choose the upright position especially when using the long or belly putter, or when you have back problems and cannot handle the bent position. The ball is always at the middle of your position. Maintain a triangle position of your shoulder and arms.


How you hold or grip your golf putters have impact on the path and direction of the ball. You can use the overlapping grip or the cross handed grip. The cross handed grip is best if you have an unsteady wrist.

Read the Green

This lets you know how much force to put in your stroke. Consider the length and thickness of the grass, the slope of the green, and the speed and direction of the wind. All of these would affect the speed and path of your ball.

Distance Control

Check the distance between your putter and the ball. You may try a 10 inch distance at first. Try different distances for your back swing and forward swing to know how far the ball will go for each applied length of swing.

Hoping this few information would help beginners to learn more about golf putters and putting techniques.

It’s a challenge to find an ideal employee. No interview, exam or screening process can fully foresee how an employee can fit with the team, or how will he work with his new environment.

The employees you hire should be experienced, skilled, motivated, and filled with passion towards their work. To add, they also have to fit with the company’s values.

It’s hard to comprehend whether to let an employee go or to implement employee retention, but you can check these signs to figure out if an employee is worth keeping.

They are proactive.

Employee retentionBeing proactive is different from being reactive. A reactive employee responds quickly to problems that arise, but a proactive employee will not only solve the problem at hand – he will also consider future problems and attempt to fix them immediately.

It won’t be too easy to spot proactive employees, but what you can do is to see which employees exert much care and thoroughness in their craft to make sure no mistakes will take place.

They come up with ideas.

The life of the company is based on their ideas. A strong and significant idea is what it needs to get moving, and strong ideas make them stay alive amidst the competition. It’s hard to generate ideas consistently so it would be good to have people who are able to provide creative input that will help sustain the company.

You just have to remember, though, that the usual brainstorming sessions are not enough. Every employee might have an idea or two, which means you’ll get a handful of ideas every now and then. What you need are people who come up with suggestions on how to make the company a better place to work for. If you cross paths with an employee that has these types of ideas, then do your best to keep him/her.

They don’t mind expressing their opinions.

You also have to check who among your employees don’t want to openly share their opinions. There are people among your staff who always see the negative and tend to complain about everything. On the other hand, there are people who always remain positive and are always praising other people.

Neither purely negative people nor purely positive people are good for the company. The former is a given; no one wants to be with a negative person. The latter seems to be good, but he might not be able to contribute anything significant to the company.

They are always eager to know more and make themselves better.

Your employees reflect the image of your company. When your employees become stagnant, your company becomes stagnant too. If your employees never stop in expanding their knowledge as well as the range of their expertise, then your company will never stop growing as well. To add, you won’t even worry about hiring replacement talents as your employees themselves are capable of whatever higher position you might need.

Employee improvement, of course, is definitely a two-way street. You don’t have to wait for the employee to improve himself; you should offer chances whenever possible. See who among your employees are responding well to these chances and apply employee retention methods when needed.

They are passionate about the company.

It’s easy to look for people who will fill the gaps of a particular company, but it’s harder to find employees who are passionate about their place of work. For the usual employee, he’s only there for the work; the dedicated employee treats his co-workers like family.

How would you know if an employee is passionate? Look at his expression while discussing the company’s future. Is he concerned about the possible addition to his workload? Is he happy about the possibilities? Retain employees whom you don’t have to worry about loyalty, and those who find the job as more than just something that provides the paycheck.

There are people who just don’t do their work well: get rid of these possible as soon as you can. But if an employee demonstrates all amazing qualities, then do all possible employee retention methods – do all you can to make the employee happy and satisfied.

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