It’s a challenge to find an ideal employee. No interview, exam or screening process can fully foresee how an employee can fit with the team, or how will he work with his new environment.

The employees you hire should be experienced, skilled, motivated, and filled with passion towards their work. To add, they also have to fit with the company’s values.

It’s hard to comprehend whether to let an employee go or to implement employee retention, but you can check these signs to figure out if an employee is worth keeping.

They are proactive.

Employee retentionBeing proactive is different from being reactive. A reactive employee responds quickly to problems that arise, but a proactive employee will not only solve the problem at hand – he will also consider future problems and attempt to fix them immediately.

It won’t be too easy to spot proactive employees, but what you can do is to see which employees exert much care and thoroughness in their craft to make sure no mistakes will take place.

They come up with ideas.

The life of the company is based on their ideas. A strong and significant idea is what it needs to get moving, and strong ideas make them stay alive amidst the competition. It’s hard to generate ideas consistently so it would be good to have people who are able to provide creative input that will help sustain the company.

You just have to remember, though, that the usual brainstorming sessions are not enough. Every employee might have an idea or two, which means you’ll get a handful of ideas every now and then. What you need are people who come up with suggestions on how to make the company a better place to work for. If you cross paths with an employee that has these types of ideas, then do your best to keep him/her.

They don’t mind expressing their opinions.

You also have to check who among your employees don’t want to openly share their opinions. There are people among your staff who always see the negative and tend to complain about everything. On the other hand, there are people who always remain positive and are always praising other people.

Neither purely negative people nor purely positive people are good for the company. The former is a given; no one wants to be with a negative person. The latter seems to be good, but he might not be able to contribute anything significant to the company.

They are always eager to know more and make themselves better.

Your employees reflect the image of your company. When your employees become stagnant, your company becomes stagnant too. If your employees never stop in expanding their knowledge as well as the range of their expertise, then your company will never stop growing as well. To add, you won’t even worry about hiring replacement talents as your employees themselves are capable of whatever higher position you might need.

Employee improvement, of course, is definitely a two-way street. You don’t have to wait for the employee to improve himself; you should offer chances whenever possible. See who among your employees are responding well to these chances and apply employee retention methods when needed.

They are passionate about the company.

It’s easy to look for people who will fill the gaps of a particular company, but it’s harder to find employees who are passionate about their place of work. For the usual employee, he’s only there for the work; the dedicated employee treats his co-workers like family.

How would you know if an employee is passionate? Look at his expression while discussing the company’s future. Is he concerned about the possible addition to his workload? Is he happy about the possibilities? Retain employees whom you don’t have to worry about loyalty, and those who find the job as more than just something that provides the paycheck.

There are people who just don’t do their work well: get rid of these possible as soon as you can. But if an employee demonstrates all amazing qualities, then do all possible employee retention methods – do all you can to make the employee happy and satisfied.

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