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Comprehensive Comparison of the Fastest Web Hosting Services

Web hosting services

If you are a person who manages a business web site or a blog, chances are you will need to tap the services of a web hosting company? In order to make an informed decision, you have to compare the price, quality of performance and overall service and customer service reliability of each one of the reputable web hosting services in the world. In this article, the comparison of the fastest web hosting services in the world is outlined in order to help you decide on which of the top web hosting service companies should you tap.

It is important to note that the tests that were performed regarding the speed of the web hosting service companies in this article is done on Wordpress blogs and sites. Moreover, keep in mind that choosing the fastest web hosting service is not the end all and be all of web hosting. You should also consider the reliability of the customer service and the pricing. However, having a fast performing web hosting service will definitely not hurt but instead improve your business in the long run. Without further ado, here is a great starting point in your quest to look for the web hosting services that you will tap.

1. SiteGround

a. The company is located in Chicago.
b. The tested account type is startup. The average cost per month of its web hosting service is $3.95.
c. The minimum response time to load a Wordpress page in 5 tries was 669 ms.
d. Meanwhile, the maximum response time to load a Wordpress page was 1.79 s.

2. HostGator

a. The company is located in Charlotte.
b. The tested account type is Hatchling Plan. The average cost per month of its web hosting service is $7.16.
c. The minimum response time to load a Wordpress page in 5 tries was 258 ms.
d. Meanwhile, the maximum response time to load a Wordpress page was 10s.

3. Dreamhost

a. The company is located in Los Angeles.
b. The tested account type is Standard Shared. The average cost per month of its web hosting service is $8.95.
c. The minimum response time to load a Wordpress page in 5 tries was 621 ms.
d. Meanwhile, the maximum response time to load a Wordpress page was 3.74 sec.

4. Go Daddy

a. The company is located in Phoenix.
b. The tested account type is Deluxe Plan. The average cost per month of its web hosting service is $8.99.
c. The minimum response time to load a Wordpress page in 5 tries was 483 ms.
d. Meanwhile, the maximum response time to load a Wordpress page was 4.1 sec.

5. Blue Host

a. The company is located in Provo.
b. The tested account type is Standard Shared. The average cost per month of its web hosting service is $4.95.
c. The minimum response time to load a Wordpress page in 5 tries was 915 ms.
d. Meanwhile, the maximum response time to load a Wordpress page was 10 sec.

Based on the research tests conducted by reputed internet service providers, the fastest web hosting service company with the quickest minimum response time is HostGator. Therefore, if you want to have a fast performing web host service, tap the services of HostGator. However, do not forget to consider the pricing levels and the quality of the customer and client service of the company. In this way, should you have technical issues and problems in the future, you will be confident that the issue or problem will be shortly solved.

Overall, the performance of the aforementioned companies has a minimum response time of below a second. Therefore, every company mentioned have a relatively fast response time in terms of loading pages of Wordpress compared to the years that has passed. All in all, the tests conducted are a great way to measure and determine which of the companies the fastest web hosting service is at present.

Callaway Golf Knows Best

As a customer, you may be a believer of the saying that the customer is always right. You may also believe that your needs, as a customer, should be valued and respected. At Rock Bottom Golf, expect your needs to be valued and prioritized. This site is the most ideal website to visit if you love Callaway golf products and other items that you can use to play golf from other brands.

The good thing about Rock Bottom Golf is that they make it a point to connect to their audience by answering their most frequently asked questions. Some of the questions frequently asked by the customers are: do you have a specific product; do you have a price guarantee; what are your payment options?

Though these are just common and simple questions, Rock Bottom Golf makes sure to answer them all. If you are a Callaway golf ball fan, then expect your questions about this brand to be answered right away. To answer questions from present and prospective customers, Rock Bottom Golf has a mascot, Scratch the Caveman. Scratch correctly replies to all queries raised by customers.

For those who are asking if Rock Bottom Golf offers specific products, the answer would be yes. Both the official site of the company, as well as its eBay page, showcase specific products in their inventory. This means that whatever golf product you need, you can expect the company to give it to you. The two most asked questions in the site are also about return policy and whether or not they sell used items aside from brand new ones.
In terms of return policy, Rock Bottom Golf welcomes the idea of implementing this without bias. However, customers must meet certain criteria before their request for exchange or return of goods will be granted. The return is usually granted if the purchase was made in the official website of the company, the date of purchase did not exceed the 30-day period yet, and the item is still unused. It should also be noted that there is also a fifteen percent restocking fee for returns like this.

Still, Rock Bottom Golf values the experience of their customers by giving them a chance to avoid the need to pay for fee. This is possible by separately ordering an item which is closely similar to the one previously purchased, if not the exact one. It is also crucial to make sure that the new item has a value which is not less than ninety percent of the returned one.

A return authorization (RA) number is also needed once you request for the processing of the return. If you were able to meet all the rules and criteria set in the return policy, then you can return or exchange the item without the need to pay for the restocking fee.

If you want to know if used items are available on the site, then the answer is no. All the Callaway golf and other branded golf items in the site are brand new. The good thing about most of the Callaway golf products is that they are purchased in bulk, so expect these to be offered at very low prices.

Rock Bottom Golf has earned an excellent reputation in the field of selling golf products and items. They also have a Facebook page which allows customers to freely leave comments. The company also received more than favourable ratings and feedback from customers. For more information about Rock Bottom Golf and their partners, such as Callaway Golf, consider visiting their official website. Visiting their site on a regular basis will also enable you to access items sold at very affordable prices.

With their excellent reputation, Rock Bottom Golf will surely be an entity that will stay in the golf industry for a long time. With reliable websites like this, easily accessing high quality and durable, yet inexpensive golf items is a possibility.

Securing Your Valuables in Home Safes

Your fortune might not be as huge as Warren Buffet’s or as historically valuable as the Holy Grail. This does not mean that you should not take extra precautions in trying to secure your valued possessions. You should definitely consider looking at home safes for your valuables. It’s not only the rich and famous who can benefit from a home safe. In fact, you have more to lose when your valuables at home are all you really have. You’ve worked hard to earn your money and it is just right for you to take steps to secure them from theft and burglary or damage.

Here are some of the items that you need to secure in home safes:

• Cash and financial documents – if you have to keep large amounts at home, you would definitely benefit from home safes. This way, you don’t have to look for inconspicuous places, like inside your pillow or under your sock drawer, to hide your excess cash. You simply have to choose a secure location where you can install your safe in your home. Home safes are also the perfect place to keep your passbooks, certificates of deposits, stock certificates, and other financial documents.

• Jewelry and expensive items – keeping your jewelry case lying around on your dresser makes it accessible to just about anyone who enters your room or bathroom. If you have other people going in and out of your house, you do not want such a temptation. It will also be easier for thieves to just breeze in and then sneak right out taking all your jewelry with them. Your home safe will keep your jewelry safe and secure. You do not necessarily have to put all your jewelry in the safe. You just have to choose those that are most precious and valuable. Other expensive items like small family heirlooms can also be kept in home safes.

• Identification and ownership documents – you might think that they are just sheets of paper, but these identification and ownership documents are extremely valuable. There are a lot of legal transactions that you cannot get into without presenting proof of identity, specifically your birth certificate and your marriage contract among others. You also need to secure the title of your home and any other real property you own. You can also include any professional certifications or licenses that you have in the safe.

• Photos and souvenirs – a lot of people keep their old photographs and mementos in crates and wooden chests. It is a possibility, however, that these items could get damaged in these storage places. The wood may rot and get infested with pests that could eat into what’s inside as well. There are safes that can be used to store and preserve these precious memories. It might be necessary to take extra steps to ensure that the photos do not fade or stick together inside the safe. Generally, when you use protective acid-free photo sleeves, these photos can be preserved in a home safe.

You want to keep your valuables safe and secure at all times without having to spend a lot. Just think about the value of the items that you might lose just because you do not want to invest in a good home safe. Spare yourself from the loss, and perhaps even heartaches, by going out and getting a home safe.

There are plenty of home safe models in the market today, especially since the demand for these safes have risen over the years. You can choose from various sizes as well. Before you go out and look for a home safe, check out the various locations in your home where you can have it installed. Take measurements of the space so you have an idea of how big your safe should be. Think of what you want to put inside your safe as well. You want to get a safe that is big enough to accommodate whatever you want to secure in it.

Misting System: What You Need to Do During Winter

Ensuring that your outdoor misting system is stored properly for the often unforgiving cold winter months is key to making sure that it would last you a long time. Winterizing your misting system will guarantee you that it is protected from any potential damage freezing water can do during the cold months. It does not take a lot to damage your system during these times.

A night of freezing can cause a potentially serious damage to your water line, bust your misting nozzle, or even damage your pressure pump. The cost to repair any damage to your misting system can be extremely high and overwhelming. However, there are clear and simple ways to ensure that no such damage will happen to your misting system. By following the steps given below, your cooling system will survive the winter months without any serious damage.

The first you thing you need to do is disconnect and drain water from your filter. When frozen, misting filters are known to break and crack fairly easily. Second, you need to remove the tubing from the pump and flush out all the water to prevent freezing. If your home is situated somewhere where there is constant drops in temperatures, it is then imperative for you to bring your pump and filters inside your home to prevent them from incurring damage.

The next simple step to do is removing all the nozzles from your misting system and bringing them indoors. The fourth and final step is flushing the system of any residual water. This is best achieved by using an air compressor that will blow out air through the system thereby draining it of all water. If you unfortunately do not have an air compressor at home, there is no need for you to worry. Just follow the simple steps detailed above and prevent residual water from freezing over by giving the system an ample amount of time to dry up on its own.

If you think this is something that you can’t do on your own or you just simply don’t have the time to accomplish any of the above-mentioned steps, contact your local service company to carry out the job for you.

If you have a misting fan at home, make sure that you disconnect your lead line from your pump and fan rings. Remove and store all misting nozzles indoors and drain all valves. It would be best to move the entire misting fan indoors during the freezing winter months. However, if that is not possible, ensuring that your system is properly winterized is very critical.

If you take a little time from your busy schedule to follow these steps thoroughly and completely, you will be guaranteed a perfectly working misting system ready for use when the wintertime is finally over. No need for you to pay for costly repairs because of damage incurred when you do not properly winterize your cooling unit.

As soon as winter is over, all you need to do is reconnect everything that has been removed, check for any damage, and add water. It is as simple as that. You will again be able to enjoy the benefits of your misting system. Imagine being able to again spend time out on your patio or deck even under the intense heat of the sun.

How the Best Dehumidifiers Can Improve Your Health

Most people do not know about the effects of humidity to their health. If you are planning on moving from your home way up north to a location with a more temperate and more humid climate, then you need to know what humidity can do to your body and why you need the best humidifiers in your home.

Humidity is basically the amount of water present in the air. You may not feel the moisture in the air right away, but after some time, you will find that the air is slightly heavier than the dry air that you are used to when you lived in a colder part of the country. Sometimes, humid air can be a blessing; it will not dry out your skin and, in the right levels, it can actually improve the quality of air in your home. When it starts getting higher than comfortable levels, then you need the best dehumidifiers to help you regulate the air moisture in your home.

When the humidity gets too much, the heat inside your home will actually feel hotter than it really is. The humidity will also cause your hair to get all frizzy, and in some cases the excess amounts of moisture hanging in the air makes it harder to breathe, especially for people who suffer from asthma. In cases like this, it is better to get the best humidifiers that you can afford.

Besides the mild symptoms mentioned earlier, high humidity can also bring something a bit more dangerous, lethal even, into your home. When the air is full of moisture, your home becomes an ideal breeding ground for dangerous mold. Sometimes the mold that grows on your floors and walls are relatively harmless, but if you are unlucky enough to get black mold growing all over your house, you may need to vacate the premises until the building is properly treated. All of this could be avoided if you use only the best dehumidifiers.

The best dehumidifiers for the home can actually draw out almost fifty percent of the moisture from the air, leaving you with just the right amount of humidity to keep yourself comfortable. This reduced humidity also means bad news for mold because there will not be enough water in the air for them to survive, so you do not have to worry about them too much.

Before you move into your new home in the southern part of the country, remember to invest in the best dehumidifiers, one or two will suffice, so that when you get to your new home everything will be as comfortable as can be. You can find plenty of sources of information online on the best dehumidifiers. Available and which of them is right for you, so do some research before you buy one.

Solo 401K Providers

Solo 401k providers are also known as individual 401k providers. They are financial service providers who enable self employed people and small business owners to invest in retirement plans that are designed for their needs. The Solo 401k plan works in a similar way as the traditional plans that have been in existence but differs in the goal towards helping people who earn from self employment to save money for their retirement. This particular type of retirement plan is unique because it can only be used by people involved in sole proprietorship and have no full time employees. The only exception is the presence of spouses in the business for whom a provision has been made to make contributions if he or she earns from the business.

Solo 401k plan is the best option for sole entrepreneurs, small business owners and freelancers. The plan can be used by a wide range of businesses as long as there are no full time employees who work for the company. The Solo 401k plan is as advantageous as the self directed one with no custodians being hired or involved in managing the process. This kind of plan continues to be a popular option because small owners benefit from it. It has been specially designed to meet the investment needs of small businesses that are run and managed exclusively by their owners.

The plan is efficient in regards to tax management and low in cost. Many aspects of the Solo 401k plan make it highly recommended by Solo 401k providers who make it accessible for self employed individuals. The yearly contribution for the plan has a limit of $51,000. For people who are over 50, an additional contribution of $5,500 is permitted. Spouses who earn an income directly from the business are also able to make equally high contributions.

The investment opportunities are limitless for participants who get a chance to invest in virtually any opportunity that is available to them. Investment opportunities range from real estate to commodities. The returns on these types of investments are channeled back into the plan tax free. The process of investing in the plan is very easy and writing a check kicks it off. Trustees of the plan are guided by the Solo 401k providers in regards to having full control of the retirement savings and assets. Participants qualify for loans that feature low interest rates and help people pay off their debts or fund other projects.

Modern Outdoor Furniture: Spruce up Your Outdoor Space

The saying that ‘old is gold’ seems to be losing value quite rapidly in the world of outdoor furniture. For decades, the classical and antique look has been hailed as the quintessential décor model but it seems to be fading fast with the entry of modern outdoor furniture. With more designers chucking out unique and refreshing furniture, it is time to give a new lease of life to your bland looking outdoor environment. What are the pertinent aspects of contemporary outdoor furniture?

The first unique aspect is the paradigm shift in material use. For a long time, wood outdoor furniture has exemplified the finest in the industry. However, over the last two decades, metal and especially aluminum have taken over due to their versatile designs. Sleek lines and silhouettes which blend with modern building designs are best created using aluminum and exterior designers are stretching these models to unbelievable lengths.

Wicker modern outdoor furniture is also popular with décor artists due to its easy maintenance. Additionally, it is lightweight and can easily be repositioned when need arises. Though wooden furniture is not as ubiquitous as in mid 20th century, teak modern alfresco furniture is still common due to its weather resistance.

Another feature of modern outdoor furniture is the blend of sophistication with comfort. Stackable sofas for example provide extra comfort especially if they incorporate reclining features. Accessorized furniture is also common these days with features such as reflective surfaces which create illusions of extra space. What’s more, it is not unusual to find contemporary outdoor furniture that has drawers and pouches for storage of books and other paraphernalia you might need while enjoying the sun.

Color and patterning are also crucial features of modern outdoor furniture. You can get plush cushions and frames which accentuate your outdoors outlook in terms of color and even texture. These styles add aesthetic value to your outdoor and in essence, make your time outside even more pleasurable. If you visit any furniture store today, you will be surprised to find bold colors such as yellow, turquoise, fresh green among others which seem to make a fashion statement for the owner.

With this in mind, it becomes clear that buying modern outdoor furniture might not be a walk in the park. You should essentially consider a style that fits your outdoors and also consider the durability of the material. More importantly, remember that by embracing this contemporary style, no factor is considered singularly and as such, there is a blend of comfort, functionality, aesthetics, uniqueness and of course boldness. So, are you bold enough?

Debt Settlement Companies are Here to Help

It is not unusual to find yourself in debt during these tough economic times. In addition, you may also be struggling to manage your debt. This is where you should seek the services of debt settlement companies. They will help you lower your overall debt through structured negotiations with your creditors.

A debt settlement is just like any other type of business negotiation. It also involves parties with opposing interests. Reputable debt settlement companies assist debtors to get out of very tricky situations. Nobody likes to be declared bankrupt which is the usual outcome if debts are not settled. Your credit record goes tumbling when you declare bankruptcy.

In some instances a debtor finds themselves in a position where they are unable to settle in full while their creditors are expecting full payment. On the other hand, if you are not able to settle a debt your creditor will most likely hold you to your debt. In such cases the only option is to file for bankruptcy which will destroy your credit ratings and yield nothing to your creditors as well.

Debt settlement companies act to strike a compromise between a debtor and a creditor. They engage creditors and negotiate for settlements plans that are suitable to the debtor. In this way the creditors are able to recoup more than they could ever get from a bankruptcy court. This usually works well when the debtor has put aside enough money to settle a substantial part of each of the debts that they owe in a single one-off payment.

In order to get the best services from debt settlement companies, it is important to understand how the whole process works. After you hire a debt settlement service then as a debtor you stop making the monthly payments that you have been remitting to your creditors. These payments are instead channeled into a trust account from your bank account.

The trust fund generated is then used to build and pay lump sum payments to your creditors which are used as leverage with an aim of convincing them to hold negotiations with your debt settlement company. However, creditors will only agree if you are making payments worth more than (above minimum requirements) the monthly payments that you were making before engaging a debt settlement service.

Consumers or debtors should be aware of the rules that are designed to protect them from fraudulent activities of settlement companies. For instance the Federal Trade Commission requires debt settlement companies to disclose all material risks arising from debt negotiations where they are also prohibited from charging fees upfront. Debt settlement services have regular contact with creditors and are able to negotiate better terms than those a debtor could obtain if they chose to deal with their creditors directly.

The Versatility of an Ice Cream Machine

An ice cream machine can make a variety of products including ice cream, slushes, frozen yoghurt, frozen drinks and sorbets. You can also make Italian gelatos and frozen custards using the same machine. It works using an agitating mixer and a refrigerated chamber. The blades of the mixture are used to mix flavorings, cream, milk and sugar into the ice cream we all love so much. When it comes to the commercial version of this machine, metal tube that is long and cylindrical is used as the freezing chamber.

You use this machine by opening up the top and pouring in a mixture of the ingredients mentioned above in the designated compartment. Then the ice cream machine pulls a bit of the mixture into the freezing chamber and the mixing blades begin to move. As they do that, air is allowed into the mixture making it both creamy and voluminous. As the mixer continues to do its job, the mixture becomes firmer. Once it is just right it is then moved to the dispenser unit where by raising the handle you can dispense the ice cream into a cone or a bowl, whichever is your preference. Your work is to make sure that the mixture is poured into its chamber and the customers then will be able to dispense the ice cream for themselves. The rest is up to the machine.

In the old days, there was no ice cream machine and ice cream was made rather differently. Ice and salt were put in a container and then the ice cream mixture would be poured into a different container. The mixer or agitator was paddle shaped and was used to mix the contents together while the salt and ice acted as the freezing chamber. The paddle moved around with ease initially and with time it became more difficult. Once it became difficult for the paddle to move around it was pulled out of the mix and the ready ice cream was served.

An ice cream machine can be purchased both for commercial and home use. There are many products available but you should keep your focus on the more quality products if you are to get your money’s worth. In addition make sure that once you have purchased it you know exactly how to clean it in order to avoid diseases due to contamination. Now that you know who it works, you can go out there and buy one for yourself.

Manage Your Computer Through A Remote Desktop Connection

Have you ever just gotten home from work exhausted after a long hard day then realized you had not forwarded an important document with a deadline? The last thing you want to do is to get in your car and drive back to the office. Don’t you wish there was a way you could access your computer from home and just finish up on the work with your feet up and relaxing on our favorite couch? Well, there is a way! Through remote desktop connection, you can access your personal computer at work through any computing device with virtual access from a different location.

One of the greatest things about remote desktop connection technology is the fact that you don’t have to worry if your desktop has even shut down or not. The technology has been designed to be able to access your computer even after it has been shut down. All files and programs will be available as long as the software is installed in this computer. As long as there is an active internet connection, you are good to go!

Security is also not an issue of compromise when it comes to remote desktop connection. There are a lot of sensitive documents that you need to transfer over this connection. In fact, when it comes to business, there are some kind of information that might make or break a company depending on whether they are in the right hands or not. Therefore it is protected through various security measures for the safe transfer of data from one computer to another.

Some of the information and processes that you can manage through remote desktop connection are the emails and attachments on your Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express email. You will also be able to access all the attachments on the email including ability to view and download. In general all files and folders in your computer will be available through remote desktop access.

Access to files and folders may seem like a raw deal for such a highly praised piece of technology. However, remote desktop connection also gives you the ability to run programs and administrative applications from any location just as you would do on your computer. This means that you have the unique ability of operating another computer device with a virtual connection just as you would if you were actually sitting at your computer.


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