The internet is giving customers an opportunity to shop online. Due to this, entrepreneurs with large businesses start online businesses to increase sales. The e-commerce business is easy to start as you will only require creating an e-commerce website. Creating a site can be easy with an enterprise e-commerce platform. Most of the platforms have a user-friendly interface to enable you tocreate a site by yourself.

 In case you encounter a problem when building the site, you can contact their customer support which will provide you with positive feedbacks. Magento enterprise and Shopify plus are some of the best platforms. However, there are other alternatives. Here they are:

Volusion enterprise e-commerce platform

Volusion is among the leading hosted enterprise e-commerce platforms. It comes with advanced features to enable you tocreate a professional site that will enhance customers’ experience. This platform has a user-friendly interface to allow you tocreate a website without looking for a designer. With this, you will save a lot of money. Also, Volusion has reliable customer support which caters for its users. It will provide you with positive feedbacks to help you fix issues quickly.

The greatest thing about Volusion is the security. It will ensure that all your business data are in the cloud to avoid losing them.  Also, it has unique SSL to secure customers’ sensitive data. Another great feature of this platform is the speedy feature. Volusion being a hosted platform will enable your site to load faster.

BigCommerce enterprise

Are you looking for an easy to set up enterprisee-commerce platform? If yes, BigCommerce could be the best for you. It will help you to build a unique and professional site by yourself. BigCommerce is excellent as it has responsive themes that will make your site to look great in all screen sizes.  Also, the themes are customizable to enable you tocome up with a unique website which will make customers to differentiate you from your competitors.

SEO is another excellent feature of BigCommerce. It will enhance ranking on search engines to make it easier for customers to view your site.

IBM WebSphere Commerce

If you want an enterprise e-commerce platform with advanced features that will enable you to drive traffic in your site, you need to give IBM WebSphere a try. It comes with great marketing tools that will enable you to sell to a massive number of customers. The SEO feature will enable your site to rank higher on search engines and the social media will allow you to target both customers and users. There are those who visit social media for fun and others to search for best products.

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