Enterprise e-commerce is a business that can take you to a higher level. Hence, you need to focus on it to make it more successful. You can research to know the requirements that will enable you to run a successful one. Also, you can select an enterprise e-commerce platform with advanced features to enable you tocreate a professional site that will help you manage your business easily and market it. Shopify plus and Magento enterprise being some of the best platforms will enhance your business functionality.

Here are 4 interesting facts about these two platforms:

Both platforms havecustomer support

Customer support should be your first consideration when selecting an enterprise e-commerce platform. Because creating a site using these platforms does not require skills, you may need help. Having someone to fix your issues will enable you to create your website without worries. Magento enterprise has a community that will help you to fix your issues. Also, the Shopify plus has 24/7 customer support that will provide you with positive feedbacks at the right time.

Both platforms have the customization feature

Customization is a great feature that will enable you to create a unique site. You can easily add elements to enhance the functionality of your site. The Magento enterprise being an open source will give you an opportunity to modify your site. You can add any feature that will help you reach more customers and offer the best service to your customers. Also, you can easily add videos, high-quality photos and catchy content that will enable customers to differentiate you from your competitors. Shopify plus comes with customizable templates that will allow you to change color, size, and content. Also, you can easily add your business logo and videos to convey a meaning.

Scalability is a vital feature on both Magento enterprise and Shopify plus

Scalability will enable your business to grow. As you know, every entrepreneur’s goal of starting an enterprise e-commerce business is to increase sales. Magento enterprise and Shopify plus come with this feature to enable your site to adapt to changes in traffic levels. With this, your site will not crash due to overloading. Instead, it will handle a tremendous amount of work.

Both platforms can enhance customers’ experience

Enhancing customers’ experience in your site is essential as you will increase sales. Shopify plus comes with integrated payment gateways that will enable customers to use a method of choice when making purchases. Also, it comes with Google fonts to enhance to loading speed of your site.

Magento enterprise which is an open source platform will enable you toadd the payment gateways. You can look for a third party to offer integrated payment methods that will enhance customers’ experience.

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