Creating a great site is a wish to every online entrepreneur. With this, they spend days and nights looking for a platform that will help them achieve their goals. As an entrepreneur, you can use Magento enterprise or Shopify plus to help you achieve this. Some tips will enable you to select Shopify plus and Magento enterprise. Here they are:

Conduct business research

The business research will enable you to view how successful entrepreneurs design their sites. You will know the advanced features that allow them to perform their business without frustrations. Also, you will interact with your customers to understand their likes and dislikes. With this, you will select an enterprise e-commerce platform that will align with their expectations. Both Shopify plus and Magento enterprise have distinct features that will enhance your business functionality. Hence, business research will enable you to use a platform that will fit your business.

Select a platform with reliable customer support

 At times, challenges may appear when you are creating your site or running your business. Hence, you may require someone to help you fix the issues quickly before they negatively affect your business. Shopify plus has technical customer support that will attend to your problemsimmediately. The Magento enterprise has a community. However, the community is not reliable. Although it will provide you with feedback, it may take more time.

Select a platform with multi-channel feature

The multi-channel feature should be your first consideration as it will enable you to increase sales. With this feature, you will get an opportunity to list your products to different sales channels. Customers have their best channels where they believe in finding great products. Hence, using different channels will enable you toreach a massive number of customers. Shopify plus will offer you an opportunity to list your products to 20 separate sales channels.  However, Magento enterprise lacks this feature.

Give the security feature a priority

Security is essential in every successful e-commerce website as you will avoid losses. Also, you will enhance customers’ experience as security is the first consideration to most customers when selecting a site to purchase items. Shopify plus being a fully hosted platform has level 1 PCI DDS to offer a high level of security. For the Magento enterprise, you need to look for a third party to providesecurity in your site. The third party will ensure that hackers will not attack your site.


Having these tips and implementing them will enable you to select the best platform for your site.With this, you will run your business successful and increase sales.

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